Ideas for a Cake Decorated Like a Hummingbird

Written by diane crispell
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    Ideas for a Cake Decorated Like a Hummingbird

    Do you know someone or a group in a life crisis or on a new journey? Why not give them a cake decorated with hummingbirds. Whether it be a bar mitzvah (new beginning), celebration of life (spiritual journey) or job change (new career path), this unique cake promises to uplift their spirits. Hummingbirds symbolise peace, love and happiness. A hummingbird represented tireless energy and anxiety to early pagans. American Indians saw it as "the nectar of life." New Age philosophy likens it to self-discovery and healing.

    An example of how the frosting flower should be positioned in relation to the hummingbird. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

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    Creating Edible Sugary 2-D Hummingbirds

    Use a toothpick to outline a simple hummingbird image. Pick two frosting colours for the underbelly -- white works well -- and back. Use wafers, Italian lace cookies or ruffle crisps for wings. Make an eye with black icing, chocolate chip or raisin, and use a thin pretzel stick for the beak. Buy a can of sugar-cookie dough and lay out flat. Cut a large circle using a can rim with a smaller inside circle using a pill container top to resemble a crescent moon. Cut zigzags for the tail at one end and a concave wide triangle for the beak and head at other outer end. Cut leaf shapes for the back wings.

    Wafer cookies are ideal for delicate hummingbird wing construction. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

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    Creating Edible Sugary 3-D Hummingbirds

    Use a ladyfinger for the bird's body. Make eyes from raisins or chocolate chips and glue to the ladyfinger with icing. Use thin pretzel sticks for the beak and tail, in a fan shape. Make wings with wafers, lace cookies or chips. Use a marshmallow peep for the body with a pretzel stick for the beak and fanned pretzel sticks for the tail. Use a cannoli for the body, and stick thin liquorice sticks for the tail into one cream-filled end. Insert a pretzel stick for the beak into other cream-filled end. Stick two chocolate chips for eyes into the cream.

    A cake's perimeter is designed with ladyfinger snack cakes. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

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    Creating Hummingbird Environment: Branches, Nests, Flowers

    After choosing a hummingbird design, construct its environment. For branches, make a crooked line -- using pretzel sticks and black liquorice -- running from edge to edge of the cake's surface. Sit the hummingbird on the branch. Build a nest from either chow mein noodles or melted chocolate chips and coconut. Make a thumb indentation in the nest's centre. Fill the nest with tiny jelly beans. Make a large trumpet-shaped frosting flower and position it near the beak. To decorate the rest of the cake, draw small frosting flowers with leaves and ivy.

    An image of miniature leaves and flowers created with frosting. (Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

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    Tips and Incidentals

    Avoid multiple trips to the supermarket by gathering all hummingbird ingredients and kitchen tools ahead of time. Be creative; practice making a sample first to perfect the technique for colours, cuts and placement, then apply final design to the cake's surface. Use either a sheet cake or wide surface cake pan to build your bird and outdoor setting design; remember to keep the concept and image simple. If travelling with the cake, protect it by putting it into a large cardboard box.

    Transport the cake in an oversized cardboard box. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

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