Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Updated February 21, 2017

Perhaps you have an older home with enormous living areas but very tiny bedrooms, or perhaps you're living in a small studio space. In both cases, you can create an inviting and functional bedroom/sleeping area by carefully considering furniture, storage and accent piece designs.

Combine Sleeping and Seating

If you'd like an area to sit and relax with a book or watch some TV in your tiny bedroom, you can combine your sleeping and sitting areas. Daybeds are the classic option for a bed-cum-sofa piece. You also can line up your bed against a window (long side touching the window) and place throw pillows along its length, as if they're the back of a sofa. A variety of futons and fold-out beds make it simple to open up floor space during the day and quickly bed down at night. You can find miniature L-shaped sleeper sectionals to place in a tight corner. A side table doubling as a nightstand completes the design.

The Tiniest Office

If you'd like to be able to write letters, use your laptop or get work done in your bedroom, you can incorporate a miniature office. While bringing in a full-size desk and office chair may take up precious room, you can still use a compact version. Wall-mounted tables allow space for you to tuck a chair in underneath, so your work area doesn't use so much floor space. Fold-down desks clear a pathway when not in use, as well. If you have a long, narrow room, you can extend the window sill with a wall-mounted plank painted to match the rest of your decor. The plank should be just deep enough to work on. Instead of a large, contemporary office chair, you can find a smaller vintage piece or even a student desk chair with little bulk. If you'll only be using the area for small periods of time, you also can use a small bench seat that tucks neatly under the desk when not in use.

Using Wall Space

To save floor space in a small bedroom (or even studio), you can remove the closet doors and place your bed in there. Mounting a bed frame also gives you some storage space underneath. You can use baskets or vintage hat boxes if you plan on the storage being visible. You can do the same thing with irregular corners in your room, granted it's big enough to place your bed. To add some privacy in a studio, you can string a sheer curtain panel in front of your sleeping nook. The sheer texture gives you a sense of privacy but doesn't block off the space completely, unifying the room. For other ways to use vertical space in your compact room, wall-mounted lamps, floating/hanging bookshelves and hanging planters add functional and stylish elements to your haven.

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