What Flowers Bloom in August?

Updated February 21, 2017

While many flowers finish blooming long before August, the eighth month is just the start or right in the middle of the blooming period for a hodgepodge of species. These landscaping plants include perennial types, annuals, deciduous shrubs and flowers that develop from bulbs. Many are available in the form of the parent species as well as an assortment of cultivars.

Deciduous Shrubs

Butterfly bushes bloom during August, with cultivars on the market giving you a choice of colours in terms of their flowers. One species, the summer lilac, blooms from the middle of July through the end of the summer, attracting butterflies. Beautyberry, abelia, bigleaf hydrangea, sweet pepperbush and the Rose of Sharon are other deciduous shrub examples with August flowers. Bush clover, St. John's wort and numerous crape myrtle hybrids feature August blooms. The rose family offers the hybrid tea rose, floribunda rose and shrub rose to property owners looking for colour on their shrubs during the heat of summer. Spiraea and a small number of weigela cultivars flower during August.


Lilies such as spider lily, oriental lily, Formosan lily and trumpet lily are all on the list of plants that emerge from bulbs with the ability to flower in August. Spider lily is a good example of these bulbous plants, growing in wet places and attaining heights to 24 inches. Ornamental onions and the closely related garlic chives and German garlic grow from bulbs and bloom in August. Species of crinum, montbretia, canna and gladiolus come in a species or cultivar variety with August flowering appeal.


The biggest selection of plants with August flowers lies among the perennials. Yarrows, which handle dry and hot conditions with ease in most cases, bloom through September in some cases, giving you an August flowering presence in your landscape. Other perennials blooming -- or just beginning to flower when August rolls around -- include tickseeds, asters, milkweeds, begonias, coneflowers, thistles, Joe Pye weeds, gauras, hostas, sunflowers and hibiscus. Certain daisies, beebalms, lobelias, marjorams and loosestrifes flower during August's dog days.


The Indian blanket is one annual that falls into the August blooming category; it grows to 18 inches high and often flowers until the first frost of fall. Other annuals you may opt for when looking for something to provide August flowers are borage, floss flower, prickly poppy, plains coreopsis, snow on the mountain and the African marigold. Specific kinds of morning glories, impatiens, zinnias and sunflowers flower in August. Tree mallows, wishbone flowers and the rice plant do also.

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