Table Decoration Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Table decorations highlight the spirit of a season or beautify the serving of a traditional home-cooked meal. Although flowers alone can add life and colour to your table, for unique decor, select decorations that match the season. For example, red daisies and sunflower centrepieces work well for a Thanksgiving or fall-themed table or choose brightly coloured flowers for a spring table. Don't forget to decorate your table with colourful tablecloths and place settings to match.

Candles with a Daisy Border

Adorn your table with a yellow, lavender or baby blue tablecloth, and place three or more white or blue candles into the table's centre. Cut the stems off of white daisies and arrange the flower heads as a border around the bottoms of your candles. This table decor works well for a spring table. You can also arrange seashells around the daises for a beach-themed dinner party. Pair white, yellow or blue china with this look.

Pink and Red Roses

Adorn your table with a red tablecloth and white china, and place a vase filled with pink and red roses in the middle of your table. Sprinkle pink and red rose petals around the vase and around each plate. Choose this table decor for a romantic dinner, wedding or anniversary party.

Fall Table

Decorate a fall table to celebrate the season or Thanksgiving. Place a burgundy or forest green tablecloth onto the table and set out white china and napkins to match the tablecloth. Arrange pumpkins, squash, pinecones, twigs and fall leaves along the length of the table as decorations. You can also put a few burgundy candles in the middle of the table as well.

Roses, Grapes and Wine

Decorate your table with a plum or burgundy tablecloth and white china. Place a vase full of red roses in the middle of the table and arrange plastic grapes around the vase. Place a bottle of wine next to the centrepiece and sprinkle red rose petals around the vase and bottle as a finishing touch. This elegant table decor works well for a dinner party, anniversary or romantic holiday.

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