Refrigerator noise problems

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Refrigerator noise problems
A noisy refrigerator might indicate an inefficiency or malfunction in the system. (eggs and milk image by Jeffrey Zalesny from

Refrigerators make all kinds of noises when they age due to the wear and tear of components within their compartments. The most noises you would experience come from the moving mechanical parts within the fridge, such as the fans and compressors. Other noises come as part of a normal process in the refrigerator's cooling cycle. You must determine which noises indicate something malfunctioning and which ones you don't have to do much about.

Obnoxious Interior Noises

Screeching or chirping noises coming from within the refrigerator usually indicate problems with the evaporator fan inside the freezer compartment. This fan cools down the entire refrigerator after the automatic defrost process but also continually blows cool air when the temperature rises to a certain point from inside either compartment. Sometimes you might have a small bit of dirt or dust trapped inside the fan which causes it to make noises from friction. Other times you simply need to replace the fan to stop the noise.

Exterior Noises

Noises coming from outside your refrigerator almost always trace back to the area behind it. To properly track noises, look behind the refrigerator. Either your compressor or condenser fan makes noise here. Your compressor is a football-size box in the back that doesn't have any moving parts, according to the Repair Clinic. If this component makes noise, the noise might just be a normal part of its operation. To replace the compressor would be rather expensive and unnecessary.

The Condenser Fan

Found outside of your refrigerator along the back, the condenser fan might produce noises that resemble a bird's chirping or some buzzing sound. Inspect the fan for lint or other debris that might have got caught in it. You might even have to disassemble the fan assembly. If you find nothing, and it still makes noises, you might have to replace the fan entirely, along with its internal motor.

Noises Coming From Below

During the refrigerator's operation, you might find some creepy noises coming from below the fridge as it cools. This happens because the pan that collects water and drains it out rattles loosely from the vibrations experienced inside the refrigerator. The noises might happen for a very short time just as the refrigerator begins a cooling cycle, or the refrigerator might continue making noises until the cooling cycle stops. To correct this issue, place some duct tape on the pan, sticking it more firmly to the chassis after you finish drying the pan and the chassis.

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