What are good prizes at a baby shower?

Updated April 17, 2017

Baby showers are times to celebrate the birth of a baby with fun, fellowship, games and gifts. Whether they take place either before or after the birth, baby showers often include several games. While the winner of a game is free to keep the prize, most donate the prize to the mother the shower is honouring. Prizes should consist of items those in attendance will find useful.

Dual-Purpose Basket

A good prize at a baby shower offers multiple purposes. Create a simple centrepiece with a basket, tied with ribbon and bow to reflect the baby's gender -- or in pastel greens and yellows. Fill the basket with baby supplies such as diaper ointment, powder, baby toys, pacifiers and wipes. Use the basket as a prize for a game played.; fill it with other items such as a flower arrangement, an artfully arranged baby blanket, personal items for moms and bottles of formula.

All About Diapers

For an identification game of interesting substances rubbed into an open diaper such as mustard, juice, peanut butter and mud, provide diapers as a prize. While not every person who attends will be a mom of an infant, most who attend a baby shower know someone to whom they can pass on the prize of a box of diapers -- such as the mom the shower is celebrating. Wrap a diaper box, and add a bow.

Gift Cards and Personal Coupons

Gift cards from department stores or baby-specific stores make a good prize at a baby shower. Moms can use these cards for those things they need every day for their little ones. Personal coupons also make good prizes. Offer to provide babysitting services or make a meal for the family that receives the prize.

Tokens for Her

A good baby shower prize doesn't have to be elaborate; many prizes are simply small tokens. Focus the prize on items not for babies but for parents -- a small candle or candle-and-flower arrangement; personal products such as shampoo, bath bubbles or salts, soaps and lotion; a journal to write in; or a picture frame. Other baby shower prizes include a small manicure set, a purse or a box of chocolates.

Stuffed Animals and Figurines

Stuffed animals make good prizes at a baby shower. These don't have to be large, expensive stuffed animals; small figures will do. Both moms and babies like stuffed animals, and they make a nice token prize for winning a baby shower game. If you wish to ensure the stuffed prizes are suitable for babies as well as adults, only purchase soft items and do not have parts that can fall or be bitten off to provide a choking hazard for babies. If you focus more on the adults than the baby, look for figurines that represent a baby shower such as a ceramic baby or mother holding a baby.

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