Gifts for an Adult Daughter

Updated April 17, 2017

Giving gifts to your children, whether young or old, can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. If you have an adult daughter and are contemplating the perfect gift, there are several things you should consider. Think about your daughter's hobbies and preferences. Consider her fashion sense and what she does to relax. It's also important to consider any real needs that she may have personally or within her home.


Consider what your daughter does with her free time. Providing a gift that matches your daughter's hobbies shows that you pay attention to her likes and care about her. Consider gift tokens to craft stores, kitchen supplies, coupons for the cinema or whatever else is an interest for your daughter. If she does not seem to have any hobbies, give her a gift where she can experiment with fun activities such as crafting or bowling.

Gifts of Relaxation

If your adult daughter leads a busy life, the best gift could be a gift that gives her a break from her family, if she has one, and allows her time to relax. Day spas provide services such as massages, facials and grooming services. Many women enjoy the relaxation provided by a spa. You could also provide childcare if necessary, and pay for a fun afternoon for your daughter to go to a movie and have a bite to eat. If your daughter does not have children, she may enjoy just spending a relaxing meal with you.

Clothing and Accessories

Many women appreciate the gift of a piece of clothing or jewellery, especially from those who know what they like already. This gift is appropriate if you feel in tune with your adult daughter's taste in clothing, or if she's mentioned the kinds of things that she enjoys. If you don't know what your daughter likes, but know where she shops, consider a gift token to a favourite store.

Practical Gifts

You certainly want to get a gift your daughter will remember, but a practical gift may be the way to go. Buying an expensive sweater when your daughter needs a new washing machine may not make the most sense. Be in tune with your daughter's needs and if you can take care of a leaky sink or tires that need replacing. This may be a more valuable gift in the long run that takes some stress off of your daughter's plate.

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