Daniel & the Lions Den Crafts for Kids

Updated April 13, 2017

Daniel was a faithful man who wanted to follow the laws of God, but the princes convinced King Darius that Daniel broke the law and that he need to be punished. When Daniel was thrust into the den with lions on order of the king, he was protected by an angel all night. In the Christian faith, Daniel has become an example of faith in God. When Daniel was unscathed in the morning, the king threw Daniel's accusers into the den of lions. Crafts can teach kids about Daniel and the lion den.

Make A Den

Create a lion's den by building a fort from blankets or sheets. Children take on the roles of Daniel, Darius, God, the angel, the princes and lions and act out the events of Daniel in the lions den. Depending on the age level of the kids, one student acts as narrator or a teacher or parent reads about what is happening. Props and costumes make the rendition more realistic so students connect with the story.

Angel Craft

Daniel was protected by an angel while in the lion's den. Create a handmade angel craft by using scissors, glue, a paper plate, foil, crayons and paper. Cut the paper plate in half and roll it into a cone, then glue it so it will hold the shape. Cut the angel's arms and wings from the remaining part of the plate, then glue them onto the sides of the paper plate that was rolled into the cone. Decorate the angel by adding a face and hair. Using the paper, cut a circle out and draw on hair, eyes, and facial features, then attach it to the top of the cone with glue or tape. Roll the aluminium foil so that it is like a thin rope and curve it, taping it to the back of the angel's head. Talk about how angels are messengers of God and are meant to protect and guide human beings.

Handmade Puppets

Hand out colouring pages of lions and Daniel, the king, princes and the angel. Colour the pictures and then cut the images out. Glue the pictures onto craft or Popsicle sticks and perform a play. The play could be acted out while singing a song like "Daniel in the Lions Den" by Steve Case.

Lion Cupcakes

Lion cupcakes are an alternative to creating paper lions. Use a white or yellow packaged cake mix and bake according to directions. Once the cupcakes are baked and cooled, frost them with yellow icing. Make a lion's face using brown icing or chocolate chips. Make a lion's mane with white marshmallows or caramel popcorn.

Alphabet Activity

Print the letter "L" and a picture of a lion. Colour the picture of the lion in using crayons, markers or paints and then practice writing the letter L in both capital and lower case letters. The letter L can be traced with a pencil or even with the finger. An alternative alphabet activity might involve "D" for Daniel or "A" for angel.

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