Boarding schools for troubled teen girls

Updated April 17, 2017

The teenage years can be difficult for parents and their daughters, especially when parents recognise their child is out of control and they're powerless to help. As a last resort, some parents send their child to a boarding school where rigorous educational standards and no-nonsense discipline gets the teen back on track.

The Boarding School Solution

Troubled teen girls may feel confused and scared, feelings that emerge as anger and defiance. The transition from childhood to adulthood can be a difficult, especially when teens are receiving so many different and often conflicting messages, from their peers, the culture and mass media. Parents may feel helpless, but are several different types of boarding schools that can help, including religious-based schools, military academies, wilderness programs, all-girls boarding schools, working ranches and those that specialise in learning disabilities or substance abuse.

Military Boarding Schools

Some parents feel the rigorous discipline of a military boarding school will help provide direction to their troubled teen in an atmosphere that emphasises academic achievement and good behaviour. According to, teen girls who graduate from a military boarding school often form lasting friendships with their schoolmates, and receive a quality education that will provide a wealth of options for a successful academic future.

Religious Boarding Schools

For parents with strong religious beliefs, a boarding school with a religious affiliation may be the best solution. The teen's behaviour will be addressed with faith-based counselling and discipline while additional religious training can instil young women with the same spiritual beliefs and ethical values that their parents already share. Religious beliefs are a personal matter, and parents need to research the numerous religious boarding schools to find the one that best fits with their value system.

Residential Treatment Centers

In severe cases a boarding school may not be enough, and parents may feel the need to send their daughter to a residential treatment centre (RTC) that provides around-the-clock mental-health care and substance abuse treatment. RTCs can also offer behaviour modification and one-on-one counselling sessions; some also provided accredited academic courses. The ultimate goal of an RTC is to treat a teen's addiction and associated negative behaviour while providing them with problem-solving skills, fundamental life goals and enhanced social skills.

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