Accounting Conversion Courses

Updated May 23, 2018

For years, graduates who held a degree in a field of study such as management or finance, but wanted to switch to accounting, had no recourse but to undertake four years of study. But with accounting conversion courses established in the United Kingdom, Asia and Africa, interested graduates can now obtain the necessary training to achieve the qualification to begin a career in the accounting field.

Accounting and Finance Conversion Short Course

The University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, offers a professional education short course in accounting and finance conversion. Students who complete this course will satisfy the requirements needed to join the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and CPA Australia. Courses available include accounting concepts and principles, corporate and financial accounting, financial management and management accounting. The course is offered during the autumn semester for 13 weeks from March to June, spring semester for 13 weeks from August to November and summer semester for seven weeks from December to February.

Professional Diploma In Accounting

Dublin City University in Ireland offers a one year full-time Professional Diploma in Accounting postgraduate conversion program for graduates with degrees in another field of study who want to pursue jobs in accounting, but lack the training. The PDA at Dublin City University was accredited in 1982 and is the longest-established conversion program in the Republic of Ireland. Five modules are covered over the course of the program: financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, law and financial management.

Diploma In Accounting and Finance

The highly respected London School of Economics in the United Kingdon offers a nine-month accounting and finance diploma for students with little or no background in either field. This conversion course attracts graduates with degrees in business, science, law and engineering, and includes choices of subjects in managerial accounting, financial accounting, analysis, and valuation and principles of finance. Qualified applicants must possess an undergraduate degree for acceptance into this conversion course.

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

The University of Cape Town in South Africa has established a two-year Postgraduate Diploma in Management accounting conversion course for graduates not holding a degree in accounting, but interested in pursuing work in that field. In the first year, the curriculum includes classes in financial accounting, financial reporting, management accounting, financial management and business law. Second-year classes include advanced financial reporting, corporate governance, and managerial accounting and finance.

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