Gifts for Kids That Have Lost Their Mother

Updated April 17, 2017

Death can be very confusing for children. They have a hard time grasping the finality of a losing a parent. Offering your love and support is the most important thing you can do when consoling a child who has lost her mother. You can also give a child a gift that honours the memory of her mother.


Purchase a book that was written specifically for children who have lost their mothers. Books can help children understand how to process their feelings, talk about emotions with others and how to honour the memory of their mother. There are books written for teenagers, which are more in-depth, to help them process their feelings. If you are consoling a younger child, there are picture books for grieving children that are more age-appropriate. You can choose titles such as "Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers: How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love," "I Miss You - A First Look at Death" or "Remembering Mama."

Worry Stones

A worry stone is a small, polished stone that is meant to be rubbed between the thumb and index finger. When children are having a difficult time sitting still or processing their feelings, the worry stone can help calm them down. Personalise a worry stone to make it a more thoughtful gift by engraving or stamping meaningful words on the stone, such as "Love" or the mother's name.

Keepsake Teddy Bear

A teddy bear can help comfort a grieving child after the loss of his mother. Purchase a teddy bear that was made specifically for children who have lost a parent. The keepsake teddy bear can hold a picture of the child's mother on the teddy bear's stomach. There are also keepsake teddy bears designed to hold some of the ashes from a cremated loved one.


Purchase a blank notebook for a child to express her emotions. A creative outlet can help a child process her feelings and work through strong emotions. She can write poems or feelings in the journal. The journal can also be used to doodle if feelings cannot be put into words.


A child can honour her mother's life by making a scrapbook. Give the child a blank scrapbook with stickers and other supplies. The child can gather pictures of her mother and mementos from happier times. If the child is young, help him decorate the scrapbook and allow him to talk about his feelings. An older child may want to decorate the scrapbook on his own, but let him know that you would love to help put it together. When the child is feeling lonely, he can turn to the scrapbook and add a new page about his mother or just flip through the pages for comfort.

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