11-Year-Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Your son is turning 11 years old, entering his preteen years. Celebrate this exciting time in his life by hosting a birthday party he will surely remember. Come up with some party ideas based on activities your son enjoys, and remember that 11-year-olds enjoy having their friends around. Prepare the birthday bash in advance to give your son's social crew plenty of notice.

Take Them Out To The Ballgame

A lot of 11-year-old boys are interested in sports, so treat your son and a few of his friends to a trip to the ballgame so they can watch their favourite athletes. Your son and his friends are sure to relive this experience over and over again. While you play chaperon, allow the boys a bit of freedom when it comes to the types of junk food they want to order, and give them some money to spend at the gift shop. After the game, take the group back to the house for some cake and ice cream. To keep the theme going, see whether you can order a cake with the sports team they just went to watch.

The Arcade

Your son and his friends may be into video and arcade games, so host a birthday party at your neighbourhood arcade. You can rent party tables there and bring in pizza, drinks and birthday cake, and hang out with the other adults while your son and his friends roam around playing all the games they want. If the arcade offers games such as laser tag, treat the group of boys to a few games. By the end of the day, you can expect that your son will have had a great birthday party and will be exhausted from all the hype and excitement.

Children's Museum

Host your 11-year old son's birthday party at the children's museum in your area. This party idea is ideal for boys who are interested in dinosaurs, reptiles and other creatures or critters. At the children's museum, you will have a guide who will attend to the guests of your party and take the group on a special tour. The boys might be able to see and touch unusual animals, and do fun activities at the end. For party favours, purchase a puzzle or deck of cards for each of your son's friends that has pictures of the animals they learnt about during the party tour.

Party At Home

House parties are always fun, especially when they are filled with food and activities galore. If your son's birthday falls in the summer, host a pool "birthday" party. Stock up the pool with lots of toys, floating chairs, noodles and sports paraphernalia, and let the boys have fun. Keep them hydrated if they are in the sun for a long time, and supply loads of sunscreen. Put out bowls of snack foods, and finish the day off with an ice cream cake that is cool and refreshing.

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