Gifts for an 18 Year Old Son

Updated April 17, 2017

With adulthood approaching fast, your 18-year-old son is beginning an entirely new stage of life. He is most likely graduating from high school, and may soon be on his way to college. Finding the perfect gift for a boy who's in the midst of so much transition can be challenging. Yet, as his parent, you may know his interests better than anyone else. This can give you an advantage when it comes to selecting the right gift.

A Used Car

Every teenager dreams of driving his own car one day, and if your 18-year-old son doesn't already have one, buying him a used one is a good option. Buying a used car gives you the freedom to select from a wide range of automobiles, cost and retailers. You'll most likely find several used car businesses in your hometown, and may even have access to a larger, chain retail business, such as CarMax. Don't be afraid to ask for flexibility in price, most sales associates are willing to negotiate the cost of a car's final sale.


At 18 years old, your son may only have just received his driver's license in the last year or two. While he works to perfect his driving skills, the last thing he needs to worry about is getting lost. A Global Positioning System, GPS, is an especially good choice for younger drivers. This small navigational system provides directions on its screen, and usually by a computerised voice as well. This allows your son the ability to focus more on his driving, and less on the hassle of figuring out directions.


If your son grew up in a family that enjoys cooking together, then he may already be beyond the basics of cooking. Yet most 18-year-old boys are not so skilled. Giving him a variety of cookbooks or even just one will provide him with an assortment of recipes. Cookbooks will also help him to learn the fundamentals needed to get started in the kitchen, such as explaining certain measurement devices and cutting methods. In addition to the cookbooks, you can also give your son a few cooking essentials, such as nesting bowls, wooden spoons, and a medium size pot or pan.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an especially suitable gift if you're unsure of your son's preferences, or if you want to supply him with the means for something in particular without just giving him cash. Most major retailers offer gift cards, giving you an endless amount of options. Generalised gift cards to places such as local clothing retailers, music and book shops, and sporting goods stores are all good choices. Some online resources also give you the ability to create your own customised selection of gift cards.

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