Romantic ideas to surprise your boyfriend

Written by bob romanov | 13/05/2017
Romantic ideas to surprise your boyfriend
Romantic surprises put the spark back in a relationship. (Getty Thinkstock)

A couple's habits can be warm and comfortable, but a little change and surprise can really liven things up. Surprising your boyfriend with your romantic ideas can put a spark into a relationship that might be feeling a little boring. Your boyfriend will appreciate your interest, and you might see a look of wonder and joy in his eyes. Trying new things will flood your relationship with incredible romantic energy.

Dine Somewhere Unexpected

Go to lunch or dinner someplace different to create excitement and change. If you usually dine at expensive restaurants, try a dive. Don't just choose any dive; find the best dive in the city with the best, incredibly priced food. On the other hand, if you only ever eat at dives (even the best), treat yourselves to an epicurean experience at a fine restaurant. You will remember your dinner and talk about it for years to come. Whatever you choose, putting yourselves into a different situation than usual will wake up your senses, make you more alert and bring back the excitement.

Wear a Different Perfume

You may not think perfume is a big deal, but the scent of a woman can hold the key to a man's heart. When your boyfriend holds you close, he smells you and your perfume together in a wonderful scented melange. Give him a new experience. Change your perfume. Choose something nice, maybe a little pricier than your usual perfume. Get some skilled help at a perfume counter for advice. When he closes his eyes, your boyfriend will have the experience of being with a different woman -- who's still you. You'll feel his excitement and his trembling.

Wear His Favorite Colour on You in Sexy Ways

Men respond in a very special way when they see a woman dressed in their favourite colour. (Maybe it's a feeling of ownership.) It's an even stronger effect when you wear that colour in sexy ways. Paint your toenails in his favourite colour. Wear stockings in his favourite colour. Wear your hair in pigtails tied with big ribbons in his favourite colour. Wear a sexy dress in his favourite colour. Wear something underneath, also in his favourite colour.

Ask Him to Tell You What to Do

Your man will get a kick out of being put in charge. Maybe it's an ancient evolutionary trait. Tell him you will just follow his instructions, and do whatever he says -- within reason. Listen to him, and perform the actions in a graceful way. Just walking across the room has a whole different effect when you do it slowly and gracefully. And you both will feel an electric charge when you know you are doing it because he told you to.

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