Ideas for Decorating a Gazebo for a Wedding

Updated February 21, 2017

For outdoor weddings, few settings are as romantic as a gazebo. The simplicity of the traditional gazebo design makes it a blank canvas that you can customise to fit the colour scheme, style or theme of your wedding. Whether you want opulence or simplicity, expensive or affordable, there is an option for every couple.


Fresh flowers can be used to decorate a gazebo in several ways. Opulent bouquets can hang from the vertical beams, placed in vases on pedestals inside the gazebo or surrounding the outside. Have the florist make garlands to string around the edge of the roof and the rails or wrap around the vertical beams. Talk to your florist about special clamps and hooks for bouquets garlands, or hire a professional to do the hanging.


An evening wedding in a gazebo calls for romantic lighting. While candlelight is often the first choice for lighting at nighttime weddings, they can be a problem -- and a hazard -- when it comes to outdoor settings. Choose flickering LED candles instead when possible. String mini lights along the edges of the gazebo for a starry look, or select mini lights in your wedding colours. If you definitely want to use real flame and it's allowed at the location, use outdoor oil-burning torches around the outside of the gazebo.

Ribbons and Bows

Decorating a gazebo with ribbons and bows is an economical option that can be just as visually appealing as flowers, as long as you go big. Rather than regular ribbon, use long pieces of tulle to wrap around the vertical beams and rails. Make or purchase bows that are large enough to be well seen and attach them around the edge of the roof. Use regular ribbon of different widths to embellish the tulle and bows.


Wedding themes that go beyond a set of colours require special decorating. If you have a wedding theme, use it to choose decorations for your wedding gazebo. For example, if you're having a beach-themed wedding, use seashells instead of flowers; for a butterfly theme, make garlands out of silk butterflies and string them around the edges of the roof and wrap them around the beams; or use holiday-style flowers or decorations for a wedding with a Christmas or Halloween theme.

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