Unusual Party Bag Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Party bags can be a great way to thank party goers for coming to a party and give them a special memento with which to remember the fun time that they had there. Standard party bag ideas include candy, streamers or party hats, which may be thrown away or placed in a drawer soon after people leave the party. However, by exercising a little more creativity with your party bags, you can make your party souvenirs useful, interesting and fun.

Think Outside the Bag

Party bags may be useful for a broad range of parties, such as holiday celebrations, birthdays or baby showers. Instead of using the traditional bag to contain all of your party favours, use a more creative container to hold your treats. If the party is beach themed, then include your items in a decorative sand pail. If you are celebrating Halloween, then place your items in a plastic jack-o-lantern. Regardless of the theme, you can always make your party bag presentation more memorable with a themed and attractive packaging.

Put Music in the Bag

Candy, party hats, and traditional party favours may seem like an easy option, but people often discard these soon after they receive them. A good long-lasting alternative to these foods and knick-knacks is a mix CD. Regardless of the theme, you can develop a mix CD that contains music pertinent to the theme. Gather songs that reflect the time period, theme, decorations or popular music of the time. These CDs allow party goers to fondly look back and listen to the tracks for a long time after the party has ended.

Crafts Make a Great Gift

Instead of simply giving people a variety of decorations and party-related items, give them something to do. Simple crafts can be a fun way to continue the fun of the party. If the party is a children's birthday party that has an aeroplane theme, then include a small and cheap model aeroplane kit. If the party is related to Valentine's Day, then include a build-your-own picture frame kit and instructions.

Make Your Treats Useful

People who attend your party will admire a pretty or cute gift, but they will especially appreciate a useful gift. Decorated teacups, plates, or bowls can personalise your gifts and make them useful at the same time. You can write messages, quotes or theme-related things on these items. In addition, glitter, ribbons and bows can jazz up all of these things and make them particularly festive.

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