Kindergarten Water Cycle Activities

Written by laura gianino
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Kindergarten Water Cycle Activities
Visual representations will help kindergarten students better understand the water cycle. (Recycled Water image by WildG0ose from

Engage your kindergarten students in learning with fun water cycle activities. While young children may be very curious about what happens to water after it rains or where water comes from, it can be hard to explain the water cycle in terms kindergarten students will understand. Help your students learn about the water cycle through art activities, experiments, games and stories.


Kindergarten students can explore their creativity as they learn about the water cycle through art. After explaining the concept of the water cycle, allow children to draw their own visual representation of the water cycle. This activity will both allow them to have fun as they learn and allow the teacher to see how well they understand the material. A typical drawing to show the water cycle may be as simple as showing a cloud raining with an arrow pointing to the ground or fog or steam rising from the ground and an arrow pointing up to the sun. You may also choose to print diagrams of the water cycle from an online resource and have kindergarten students colour them in.


After teaching the water cycle, it still may be hard for kindergarten students to grasp how water is recycled. Conduct a classroom experience that will show kindergarten students visually how the water cycle works. Place water outside on a sunny day in a large clear plastic cup. Mark a line where the cup was filled with water. Throughout the day, bring your kindergarten students outside to check on the water. Each time, have them mark the new water level. By the end of the day they will be amazed to see how much water has evaporated from the cup.

Activity Book

Explore the water cycle through an educational activity book. Use a free online resource where you will be able to print a small water cycle workbook. The workbook may tell a story about the water cycle through a friendly cartoon character that will engage young students. After teaching the basic concepts of the water cycle, the students will then be able to complete various water cycle activities, such as a word find, maze or simple crossword puzzle pertaining to the water cycle. Some activity books may include fun water facts and important water conservation tips.


Use interactive activities to help kindergarten students understand the water cycle. Read a story aloud together about "Drippy the Raindrop," a character who physically goes through the water cycle during his day. Students will find themselves interested in his adventure while at the same time reading and learning together. If you have computer access in the classroom, you may allow students to explore an interactive water cycle web site. They will be able to see a water cycle tutorial and then watch the water cycle in motion by either selecting "auto" or choosing "R for Rain," "W for Water Storage," "V for Vapor" or "C for Clouds."

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