Healthy eating posters for children

Written by erin giebler hill | 13/05/2017
Healthy eating posters for children
Nutrition tips designed for young children can start them eating healthy early. (The girl eats a strawberry image by Podfoto from

Children respond to colourful posters. Many informative posters will peak their interest and describe all the ways to eat healthy, from describing food groups to displaying proper portions.

Food Groups

The MyPyramid for Kids poster provided by the USDA is two sided: one side for ages 2 to 5, the other for elementary-school children.

Each side colourfully displays the food groups. The guide for older children displays the recommended servings, focuses on physical activity and gives tips for healthy eating.

Focus on Food groups

Posters like "Catch a Rainbow" from Learning Zone Xpress focus on individual food groups, showing fruits of different colours that children should get daily. They feature different ideas for types of food within a food group and/or tips for consuving the recommended servings of a food groups.

Proper Portions

Posters such as "1 Great Plate" and "Portion Size Wise," both available from Learning Zone Xpress, give children a visual guide to their proper portion sizes.

The posters describe how a plate should look with the correct amount of each food group and the difference between incorrect servings and proper servings.


Some posters, like "Breakfast Basics" and "Snack Attack," both available from from Learning Zone Xpress, provide tips to children for eating healthy at each meal. This includes tips for meal ideas, healthy snacks options, and the benefits of drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day.

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