Dresses to Wear to a Baby's Christening

Updated March 23, 2017

A Christening is a baby's first step into her parents' religious faith, and usually the event comes with a bit of fanfare. While there are no set rules on dresses to wear to a baby's Christening, there are traditional styles that most girls wear. Dresses are usually made from white or ivory fabric, and some girls are even able to wear heirloom gowns passed down from past generations.

Newborn Gown

Gowns are the traditional dress for a Christening and are usually fairly simple in style. A newborn gown usually comes in a white or cream colour, with a bit of ruffling around the neck as well as a bonnet to keep the newborn baby's head warm. These gowns tend to look Victorian in style, and are usually made from delicate satin or cotton.

Newborn Dress

Although a gown is the traditional attire for a Christening, some parents may choose to have their daughter wear a dress instead, or just have the dress available for any celebration that might be happening after the christening ceremony. Christening dresses can be any style, but are usually white or ivory and often come with religious detailing, such as an embroidered cross.


Some girls are not Christened as infants, and therefore a traditional gown might not be appropriate. In this case, a white or ivory sundress adorned with lace and ruffles might be a good idea. Although there are gowns for older girls that mimic those of infants, many older girls may not want to wear them. Plus, a long dress might not be practical for toddlers. Parents may match a sundress or a white dress with short sleeves with a white headband and white shoes. Sometimes, children will even wear a shorter version of a wedding veil.

Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Godmothers

While there is no set or standard attire for the mother or grandmother of the baby being Christened, a business suit or semi-formal dress would probably be a good choice. If the dress is something you would wear to church on Sunday, then it is more than likely appropriate. Black is not a common choice for a Christening, but a black skirt paired with a white or other light-coloured blouse would be appropriate.

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