Private Military Boarding Schools

Updated July 20, 2017

Private schools are renowned for academic achievements, but private military schools go the extra mile. To accomplish the goal of student success in academia, military boarding schools employ military models that supplement student progress with discipline. Military school cadets learn the value of integrity, structure and religion through a demanding day-to-day schedule.

Oak Ridge Military Academy

Oak Ridge Military Academy was established in 1852, and, in addition to being the second oldest military academy in America, is North Carolina's official military school. Furthermore, Oak Ridge was the first private military school to accept female cadets. ORMA's disciplined environment churns out a 99 per cent college acceptance rate for graduates since 1991. Furthermore, ORMA facilitates learning with healthy amounts of physical activity, such as varsity football, basketball, volleyball and soccer.

Missouri Military Academy

The Missouri Military Academy is a private military boarding school for boys. The Missouri Military Academy launches cadets into careers of business, finance, education, art and military, among others. The Missouri Military Academy combines military elements and emphasises discipline in academic structure to shape young adults into capable citizens of honour and integrity.

St. John's Military School

St. John's Military School is an accredited private military boarding school with a 92 per cent college acceptance rate for cadets. For every 10 students, there is one teacher. This enables teachers to handle the individual needs of the cadet rather than becoming overwhelmed by over-packed classrooms. St. John's was founded in 1887 and has earned the title "Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Honor School with Distinction from the United States Army Command" for more than 30 years.

Fork Union Military Academy

Fork Union Military Academy constitutes a middle school which houses 80 to 100 cadets in grades six through eight; an upper school harbouring 350-400 cadets in grades nine through 12; and around 60 postgraduates preparing for college. The military aspect of FUMA provides cadets the backbone of a disciplined education.

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