Ideas for Reception Hall Wall Decorations for a Wedding

Updated April 17, 2017

Reception halls are convenient locations for a wedding reception. However, they also may need redecoration to get them to look how you envision. There are several options for decorating the walls, including covering up current decorations with new ones or covering the wall with handmade banners. Spending some time sprucing up the reception hall can change the attitude of the reception dramatically.


Craft a banner with loving sayings or quotes out of paper to place on the wall. Banners spelling out "Just Married" or the couples names with each letter on a different shape are also easy to make. One way to involve guests is to have them all sign a giant banner that is hung on the wall with marriage tips and wishes. Banners can be printed on paper, painted on fabric or purchased from a vendor.

Photo Backdrop

Changing a wall into a backdrop for photos is an interactive way to use the space. Rent a backdrop from a party company, ask your photographer if they have any you could use or make your own with fabric. You can hang numerous ribbons next to each other for a unique and colourful backdrop. Renting architectural pieces such as arches are also a way to spruce up a photo wall.

Picture Wall

Hang pictures of the couple when they were young or during their relationship to show their growth. Displaying other wedding portraits from the family in years past is also one way to re-emphasize the theme of the day. These can be hung with ribbon or along one giant string with clothespins. Photos of friends or special events grouped together are a way to tie guests in to the decorations.


If the walls are unsightly or are covered with paintings that don't fit it in with your decor, consider renting or buying drapes to hang over the walls. This softens the interior and provides the aesthetic of being in a tent, which can be very romantic, and you can ensure that the colours are just what you want. You can hang just a few drapes in strategic places or many to cover the entire wall.


Hang chalkboards on the walls of the reception hall. These can be used to write out the seating charts, menu and even the program. Guests can walk around and write on the chalkboards to contribute to the decoration and they provide hours of entertainment for young kids. Chalkboard paint can be used to turn anything into a chalkboard and it comes in many colours.


Paper sculptures can be made before hand and hung over the reception hall walls. Pull together tissue paper in the middle to create full and colourful paper flowers. Cut paper into spirals and hang down the walls to add a playful mood. Fold origami creatures d out of patterned paper for a touch of Eastern aesthetic. Make sure you gather any pieces you wish to save when the reception is over or they will likely be thrown away.

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