Places to Meet Mature Women

Updated March 23, 2017

With all the party girls out there, it can be tough for a mature man to find a like-minded woman. If you're past the club-and-bar scene, consider looking for mature women in places that are easy to navigate and non-threatening. In fact, some of the best places to meet mature women often have nothing to do with dating.


Go to your company's annual picnic to meet coworkers from other departments; better yet, ask to be a guest at a friend's company's annual picnic to meet an entirely new set of people. Join professional organisations or a union and attend meetings regularly. Volunteer to scope out seminars and training conferences for your company to meet some new faces. On your coffee break, leave your department and go for a stroll on the floors above or below you. You could also organise after-work drinks with coworkers and encourage them to invite friends.


In many cases, women who turn to online dating do so because they lack the time for meeting men in other ways. Set up an online dating profile and set your search parameters to include only highly educated and career-minded women. If you have a hobby you're passionate about, find relevant websites with message boards to meet like-minded women. Tell your friends about your mission to meet mature women and ask them to look through their online social network to uncover possible matches.

Church and Civic Organizations

Find a church you like, get to know some people and let it slip that you're on the market. Chances are, someone will try to play matchmaker right away. If your possible match attends the same church, you get the added benefit of getting to know her in a non-threatening environment.

Civic organisations tend to attract community-oriented and very disciplined people, so consider joining one. They hold regular meetings and often sponsor community projects, giving you the chance to meet plenty of new people on a regular basis.

Teams and Volunteering

Go to your local recreation department and join a co-ed softball or flag football team. Adult and even senior leagues are common, and you'll get to meet not only your new teammates but also an entire league of opponents. Or donate a bit of your weekend time to a cause you support. Work at a soup kitchen, help collect clothes for the homeless or lend your carpentry skills to building new homes for people who lost theirs.

Out and About

Think about where you would like to meet a mature woman. You know where your "type" is likely to go. Is she browsing the travel section at a bookstore, cheering for the local high school football team on Friday night or typing on her laptop at a coffee shop? Go wherever your dream lady might be and keep your eyes open. Spend extra time at the grocery store and the mall. Strike up conversations wherever you go, with store clerks, women waiting in line and fellow shoppers. Be open and ready for meeting Ms. Right any time.

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