Classroom Decorating Ideas for Easter & Spring

Updated February 21, 2017

Decorate the classroom for spring or Easter using items from teacher supply stores -- or, for engaging classroom projects, have the students make the decorations. Spring is the time of rain, renewal and flowers. Eggs are a symbol of renewal and Easter. Newborn animals are a popular spring theme along with bunnies, ducks and chicks. Decorate the notice board, the walls, the ceiling and windowsills for spring.

Notice Board Decorations

Decorate the notice board with pretty spring borders and pastel backgrounds to brighten the classroom after winter. Different-coloured streamers can create a rainbow across the board. Have the students write haiku or other forms of poetry about spring, or colour spring-related pictures, for display on the board.

Wall Decorations

Flowers pop up in spring so have the students make blooms to hang on the classroom walls. Trace the student's hand on bright-coloured construction paper ten times. Cut out the paper hands and staple the first layer of handprints to the rim of a paper plate so the fingers extend outward over the edge. Use as many as necessary to go all the way around the paper plate. Make a second and third layer further in the plate and top it off with a paper circle glued in the middle. Hang on the wall with tape or with tacks into notice board strips around the room.

Ceiling Decorations

Make yarn eggs and suspend them from the ceiling. These eggs are very light and are easy to hang with just a little bit of yarn. Cut 20 strands of cotton yarn each 3 feet long. Mix equal parts white glue and water in a shallow pan or bowl. Inflate egg-shaped balloons to about 6 inches in diameter and tie the ends. Saturate the yarn strands in the glue and wrap them around the balloon. Clip the balloon by the tied end to a clothes hanger with a clamp-type clothes pin and hang it to dry. Be sure to put newspaper underneath to catch all the drips. When it is dry in the morning, the yarn will be stiff. Pop the balloon, remove it and add a yarn hanger to the top.

Windowsill Decorations

Making egg people is a fun project for students in the spring. Use eggshells as planters for grass seed that grows like hair. Take off most of the small end of a blown-out eggshell with fingers or carefully use a sharp knife. It does not matter if the edges are jagged. Clean the shell out. Twist a pipe cleaner into a circle and glue it with hot glue to the bottom of the egg. Draw eyes, nose and mouth on the side of the egg, making a face. Fill the eggshell a bit over halfway with potting soil. Sprinkle in grass seed and cover with another thin layer of soil. Water lightly and place the eggshell people on a sunny windowsill with the faces looking into the classroom. Keep the soil slightly moist and in about two weeks, the grass will grow and give the people hair. Cut it with scissors or let it grow long and lush.

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