Warm Places to Go in April

In many respects, April is the ideal month for travel. After spring-break beach crowds in the United States and before summer travel worldwide, it is a wonderful time of year for mild weather. To recover from lingering winter blues, it is possible to seek the warmth of the sun in many places. From the Caribbean to Africa to Australia, somewhere in this pleasant month you can enjoy warm weather.


Known for its beaches and claim to the title, 'the driest continent on Earth', Australia is actually divided in climate. In the north, the seasons are typically wet and dry. In the south, they are similar to, but opposite Europe and the United States, making April weather idyllic throughout the country. While one third of Australia is tropical due to the Tropic of Capricorn, few storms occur in the spring. In the north, the dry season begins in April and continues through August. Southern Australia experiences its warmest conditions December through May. Therefore, April is the perfect month to experience a temperate climate in this beautiful location.


An island of colourful rainforests, vast beaches, rolling mountains and fascinating culture, Jamaica is a tempting destination any time of the year. April is equally agreeable. Part of the Caribbean islands, Jamaica enjoys a pleasant average April temperature of between 23.3 and 29.4 degrees C and an average rainfall of 2.5 inches. Year round and island wide, the temperature typically only fluctuates by ten degrees. The mountain range is the only area that experiences considerable cold.


A year-round tourist hot spot, Hawaii is rich with culture and alive with both U.S. and native history. Hawaii also offers lush greenery, white beaches and temperate weather. Mountains, deserts, rainforests and beaches are present on all of the seven islands. In the lowlands, temperatures range from 21.1 to 26.6 degrees C, while the mountain areas vary between 4.44 and 15.5 degrees C. The winter and summer seasons typically only fluctuate by about four degrees.

Costa Rica

April is the most popular month of the year for travel to Costa Rica. This means that it isn't the most economical or convenient time to visit, as accommodations can be hard to come by. April is in the heart of the dry season, making it sunny and warm. The beach areas often experience highs from 21.1 to 29.4 degrees C and lows from 15.5 to 23.8 degrees C. The mountain regions, depending on elevation, can be five to -1.11 degrees C cooler.

South Africa

A subtropical destination and surrounded by ocean on three sides, South Africa has year-round temperate weather. This makes the entire country popular for travel. While summer (October to February) crowds the beaches, South Africa, famous for sunshine, lays claim to some of its best conditions during the fall (February to April). Little rain typical accumulates during this period and the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Cape Town is especially idyllic during this month, with warm days and evenings still warm enough sometimes for outdoor dining. .

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