Medieval castle construction projects for kids

Medieval castles are a wonder of engineering and construction skill. It is amazing that so many buildings built so long ago still stand today. One fun way for children to learn about castles is to give them castle construction projects. There are several ways that children can create their own castle masterpiece.

Sugar Cube Castle

Make the outline of a square with sugar cubes onto a piece of cardboard. Leave a small gap in the cubes for a door, if desired. Hold the cubes together with icing. Build up the cubes into a square shape until you have the desired height. Add square towers to the corners by connecting smaller squares around the corners. Make the towers a little higher than the walls. Add additional sugar cubes to add visual interest to the castle. For a more advanced lesson, have the children try to recreate real castle shapes.

Box Castle

Use large boxes connected together to create a child-sized 3-D castle. Tape boxes together with duct tape or use flattened boxes to make the walls. Add boxes to the outside of the castle to make towers and embellishments. Have an adult cut out windows and doorways to the interior of the castle. Mix sand, glue and water to create a sandy paint. Allow children to paint the castle walls with this mixture to give the castle a stony look. When the glue dries, paint over the sand with grey or brown paint.

Card Stock Castle

Give children pictures of real castles. Have them design castles to make from card stock. Allow the children to create a design plan, then allow them to build their creations from the card stock. Some online websites have templates that you can use as a guide for castle making, but simply adding tabs to the sides of each piece will also provide an area for gluing the pieces of the castle together. Allow the children to vote on the best-designed castle.

Block/Toy Castle

Provide children with blocks or other stacking or building toys. Instruct them on castle design and how people constructed castles without the use of the building tools we use today. Emphasise the fact that it sometimes took 50 or more years to construct a castle. Allow the children to build their own castles from blocks or other building toys. They can work together to create one large castle or create individual castles.

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