Teen magazines for boys

Buying magazines for boys can help them increase their reading time, help them develop their interests and let them focus on an engaging topic. While there are many magazines for teen girls, most of the magazines for teen boys focus on specific subjects or sports. Nearly all magazines have a companion website to unite the online and the written copy.

Universal Titles

Boys' Life Magazine is geared for ages 7 to 18. The content is fiction, outdoor adventure, jokes, science and hobby ideas. Boys can send in their own photos and stories for publication. This magazine is associated with the Boy Scouts of America, although you don't need to be a scout to read or enjoy it. Boy's Quest Magazine is geared for the younger boy through age 14. It features jokes, riddles, building projects, puzzles, cartoons, cooking and science experiments. The emphasis is on "wholesome content," with no ads and no violence.

Sports Magazines

Sports Illustrated Kids is for ages 8 to 15. Articles include features on athletes overcoming challenges and pieces that help set goals and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. You can also read about your favourite professional and college athletes. ESPN Magazine features articles on a myriad of sports and is published bi-weekly for an extra dose of coverage. It labels itself the sports magazine "for the NEXT generation of sports fans." The articles are short and the magazine is geared to the teenage reader.

Science Magazines

Boys interested in the latest in science and technology will enjoy Popular Science Magazine. It calls itself the "what's new" magazine, giving the reader all the latest information in the fields of automotive, energy, aeronautics, electronics, communications, tools, science, computer products and space. Stories range from archaeology to medical breakthroughs and space exploration to new insights about the environment.

Hobby and Activity Magazines

There are several skateboarding magazines available: Skateboard Mag, Skateboarding and Skateboarder. All feature pictures of skateboarders and articles about new tricks and well-known and rising skateboard stars. Product pages show new skateboards, equipment and clothing. Bicycling Magazine features articles about mountain biking, cycling for fitness, road cycling and recreational cycling. The magazine covers travel, new products, gear, races, athletes and is full of photographs.

Scholastic Teen Magazines

The Scholastic Company puts out several magazines subscribed by schools. The New York Times Upfront is a high-school-level magazine that focuses on current events. The Scholastic Company also offers Science World, Art and Choices which focuses on family life, careers, healthy eating, anti-drug education and character formation. If you are interested in letting your teen boy read these magazines, ask your school librarian if his school subscribes.

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