Hotels for naturists

Updated April 17, 2017

A naturist is one who chooses to live a nude lifestyle due to social or cultural beliefs, health or religion. While most hotels require guests to be properly clothed, others have altered their rules to accommodate this emerging group. Most are located outside of the United States and provide a unique, freeing ambience.

Vritomartis Hotel

This Grecian paradise is located on the southern coast of Crete and has one of the best views of the White Mountains and the South Cretan sea. You may reserve one of the 85 rooms located either in the main building or in private bungalows. Naturism is allowed in all surrounding outdoor areas, and is required by the pool or beach.

Valalta Naturist Camp

A Mediterranean playground for the entire family, Valalta has been liberated since the 1960s. Valalta takes less of a hedonistic approach to naturism and considers it a means of connection between ones environment and oneself. Certain rules (such as quiet hours from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and midnight to 7 a.m.) are implemented to keep it family friendly. During your stay take an excursion to the Brijuni Islands, Rovinj Archipelago or Lim Bay for a visual treat.

Desire Resorts

Visit Desire for a couples-only, clothing optional retreat. Sensual spas, gourmet dining and all-inclusive amenities provide a romantic destination. Guests must be 21 to enjoy.

Vera Playa Club Hotel

This four-star hotel is located on 2.5km (or 1.5 miles) of naturist beach. Nudity is permitted but not required. The hotel is not open during the winter, so plan your trip during the warmer months. For an extra taste of culture visit one of the nearby towns such as Garrucha, Vera or Cuevas de Almanzora.

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