Ideas for Children's Sports Day Themes

Updated March 23, 2017

Holidays, birthdays, and parties or get-togethers for kids are a fun time to have a sports-themed day. It's also a way to celebrate before or after a sports game. Creating age-appropriate fun with games, food, and decorations will make your sports day a success. For an added benefit, let the kids help with the preparation and contribute their ideas.


Decorate for the sport or sports you've chosen. To support a particular team, display a jersey and team paraphernalia, then add balloons and streamers in the team's colours. Provide art supplies for the kids to create a craft or picture of the sport or a favourite player.

At the Game

Have a mini-tailgate party before or after a kids sports game. Provide healthy snacks to keep the players' energy up, and plenty of water and juice or sports drinks. Let the kids decorate the car with washable window markers to support their team. Invite other kids from the team, and encourage the kids to be good sports by offering snacks to the opposing team.

Party Games

Play games age-appropriate game related to the sport. Keep competition low-key and put the emphasis on participation. For soccer, have children do headers with balloons, trying to keep the balloon in the air as long as possible without touching it with their hands. For sports that involve running, set up goals and have kids race. Give the kids opportunities to suggest games.

Food and Snacks

Make snacks that reflect the sport. Decorate round cookies or cupcakes like baseballs or soccer balls. Make a cake that looks like a field with goals at both ends.

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