Children's activities on Moses, the Pharaoh and the Ten Plagues

Written by ashley baker
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Children's activities on Moses, the Pharaoh and the Ten Plagues
The story of Moses contains scenes children love to act out. (Getty creative)

The Bible story of Moses, the Pharaoh and the Ten plagues provides many opportunities for engaging activities and crafts for children. Children love to act out parts of the story, and doing so will help them to remember it. This story has many facets, so a collection of activities to illustrate each part of the story is best. These activities require only basic household items.

Ten Plagues colouring book

Start off your children's activities by discussing the Ten Plagues. They are: the Nile river turning to blood, frogs, gnats, flies, diseased livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness and death of the firstborn in the household. Print out colouring pages on each plague (see Resources), have your children colour them, then punch a hole in the top left hand corner and tie a ribbon through the hole. Your child will have a "plague book" to help reinforce the information throughout the remaining activities.

Pharaoh's crown and Moses' staff

Cut a 50 mm (2-inch) wide strip of construction paper to a size that will fit around your child's head. Staple the two ends together. Give your child pieces of silver foil to glue to the crown along with plastic jewels, sequins or glitter. Once the crowns are complete, one child may play the part of Pharaoh and another the part of Moses. Give Moses a large stick to use for a staff, and a rubber snake. Moses will ask Pharaoh to "let my people go" and perform miracles such as turning his staff into a snake.

Acting out the plagues

Begin acting out the plagues. Give each child a glass of water. Before they start drinking, place three to five drops of red food colouring in each glass, turning it to "blood." Have the children cut out paper frogs, gnats, flies and locusts. Place the pests strategically around the house. Good hiding places are in drawers, food plates and buckets, drinking glasses, shoes, the sink and counter tops. Cover as many places as possible with the pests so the children get an idea of how devastating they were. Pour a bucket of ice into the sink to illustrate hail. Sit in a dark room for five minutes to illustrate darkness.

The last plague and Passover

Discuss with children the last plague, which was death of the firstborn male child. Then explain how God protected the Jewish families through Passover. Take out paper plates and red paint. Have the children paint the plate red to represent painting the doorposts with blood. Hang the plates on the refrigerator before bedtime. You could also eat a Passover meal for dinner. Include crackers for unleavened bread, lamb to represent sacrifice and horseradish as the bitter herbs to represent the slavery in Egypt.

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