Kindergarten Activities for "There's an Alligator Under My Bed"

Updated April 17, 2017

"There's an Alligator Under My Bed," by Mercer Mayor, is about a little boy who comes up with a scheme to trick the alligator under his bed that is afraid of out of his room. For each activity mentioned in conjunction with the book, it is important to read the book to the students before the activity or at least remind the students the summary of the book. The teacher can even ask the students if they remember what happened in the book.

Alligator Puppets

With small paper lunch bags, students can make alligator puppets. Give the students green crayons and markers, fake eyes and green construction paper. If the teacher wants, they can print pictures of alligators, real or fake. Help the students glue the pictures, fake eyes and construction paper to the paper bag.

Alligator Bait Salad

Bring all the food the little boy thought the alligator liked to eat to the classroom. Together with the students, help them identify the different food items. Tell the children they are going to make "alligator bait salad" and help them wash and cut the fruit with the plastic knife. Place all the cut fruit in a large salad bowl. Help the students mix the fruit together and serve themselves.

Alligator Coloring Pages

Print colouring pages of alligators for the students to colour. Such colouring pages can be bought or downloaded online from teacher resource websites.

Alligator Song

Find a song the classroom will like and teach it to the children. Perhaps even bring in a guitarist to have music along with the song. The song most recommended is "Five Little Monkeys and the Alligator."

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