10th anniversary gifts for a sister & brother-in-law

Updated April 17, 2017

Any wedding anniversary is special and worth celebrating, but a 10th anniversary is one of those milestones of life that should engender something extra special, especially for those in the family. When searching for a 10th wedding anniversary gifts for a sister and brother-in-law, you can focus on the event or include the traditional birthstone diamond or traditional material of tin. Any number of anniversary gifts make a 10th anniversary special.

Romantic Dinner

Ask family and friends for the name of one of the couple's favourite restaurants. Either online or in person, purchase a gift card to cover the cost for a nice meal there. Put the gift card into a 10th wedding anniversary card and tuck it into a basket filled with things revolving around 10 such as 10 mints, matching key chains with 10 on them, 10 big fake diamond rings, a box of aluminium foil (tin), etc.


For a sister and brother-in-law with a sense of humour, have two T-shirts made in their respective sizes for their 10th wedding anniversary gift. Choose T-shirts in their favourite colours that say something like, "10 Years of Wedded Bliss." Wrap each separately and place in a box with lots of tissue paper. Place this box into a larger box, tape shut and wrap.

Retreat, Resort or Trip

If your sister and brother-in-law have small children, they'll appreciate a day or more away on a romantic trip. Without being intrusive, find out what's on their schedule and when there's some free time. Make reservations for them at a retreat or resort centre or for a short cruise. Get the whole family involved by buying gifts to enhance the trip, and be sure to provide professional child care (or do it yourself), so the couple won't worry about their kids when they're away.

Memory Book

Make a memory book of their 10-year marriage. Ask family members and friends for copies of pictures and remembrances of the marriage such as napkins from the wedding, etc. Do more than make a photo album. Using stickers and text you add to textured paper, explain photos, identify persons in the photos, and the date the photo was taken. Put these pages in a Memory Book titled, "10 Years Together." You can also make these photos into a slide show that can be shown at a 10th wedding anniversary celebration.

Photo Gallery

Create a photo galley, selecting 10 pictures representing high points of their marriage. These would include the wedding, birth of children, special vacations or other events. Frame the photos in pewter frames, highlighting the 10th wedding anniversary material of tin.

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