Ideas to Separate Bedrooms With Curtains

Updated February 21, 2017

Curtains are used to separate bedrooms in lofts and studios to divide living spaces in an open area. They can also be useful in separating a shared bedroom into more private areas for each occupant. The curtains you choose not only serve as a visual barrier but can also set a stylistic tone for different parts of the room.

Track Curtains

Installing curtains on a track is a utilitarian solution that allows you to easily pull the curtains out and pull them back, which is ideal for situations that call for a flexible privacy solution that can be used when needed and put away the rest of the time. A track isn't the most attractive solution, but it doesn't need to look like a hospital curtain either. Use a casual, comfortable fabric for the curtains to avoid an exam room feel.

Wire Curtain Cable

A wire curtain cable offers a modern appeal in addition to a certain amount of flexibility. The curtain can be pulled back and secured with a tie or tieback hooks on the walls. A curtain cable is good for dividing a small living space, like a studio apartment or loft or a bedroom with modern styling.

Suspended Curtain Rod

Put an interesting twist on traditional curtains by suspending a curtain rod from the ceiling. This solution is less flexible because it would be difficult to pull the curtains back but would be appropriate for creating a visual barrier that doesn't necessarily reach from wall to wall but perhaps will reach between two beds in the same room.

Canopy Bed

One more option for separating a bedroom is to use a very localised treatment. Install a canopy over the bed with curtains that you can draw around the entire bed. This simple solution offers privacy in a shared bedroom situation, and you don't need to modify the room; you only need to change the furniture, which can be an important consideration in a rental situation.

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