Interview questions for a legal secretary position

Updated March 23, 2017

While some job interview questions are broad and can apply to every situation, others are specifically designed for the position in question. While you may be asked about yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses during an interview for a legal secretary position, you may also be asked about your legal knowledge and personal passion for law.

Knowledge of Legal Procedures

The interviewer may ask you about your knowledge of basic law or legal procedures, as you will need to deal with these issues as a legal secretary. While your job may entail getting things ready for your boss, you may be asked to complete tasks independently. These tasks could require you to know basic legal procedures or read through documents that contain legal terms.


Legal cases and documents may be confidential, so the interviewer may ask you about your ability to keep information confidential. An example could be a legal client calling the office to obtain some information pertaining to a specific case. If possible, provide a concrete example of a situation in a previous job where you had to honour confidentiality. As a legal secretary, you will have the responsibility of keeping information secret.

Interest in Law

While some interviewers may ask candidates about their interest in a given company, legal-secretary interviewers may ask about the candidate's interest in -- or passion for -- the law. A genuine interest in legal issues will enhance your status as a candidate for the job.

Problem Solving

As a legal secretary, you may be in the position where you need to problem-solve independently. While your boss may be in a meeting or out of town, you will still need to do your work, including talking to clients. If possible, provide an example during the interview of situations in which where you needed to solve a problem on your own, so the interviewer can see you are capable of taking independent action and shouldering responsibility.

Future Goals

A common interview question asks you where you see yourself in five to 10 years. This question will also be asked during the interview for legal secretary, often because the position is a secretarial position. While some people enjoy working as a secretary, others use the position as a stepping stone to learn the inner workings of a law firm, perhaps on the way to eventually becoming lawyers themselves. If becoming a legal secretary is your goal, say that. If you have broader ambitions, explain that your goal is to be part of a successful law firm.

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