My GE Washer Is Banging Loudly When Spinning

Written by lee morgan
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Your General Electric (GE) washing machine will make some noise by default, but loud banging is not a natural sound of this appliance. The sound of rushing water, sloshing tub agitation and a slight vibration hum during the spin cycle are typically the only noises that come from a washer in proper working order. Banging is generally a sign that something is not right on the unit. Luckily, most of the causes of this type of noise are easily remedied.

Machine Not Level

One of the common causes of a loud banging sound in a washer is a machine that is not level. GE washers come with adjustable footing that will allow the owner to screw or unscrew the feet to make sure the unit is sitting flat. When the feet are adjusted improperly, the machine will rock back and forth. The force of the spin cycle will make the machine rock back and forth quickly, banging one foot against the floor, quickly followed by the other, which will often cause the machine to "walk" as well and may make it move out of its original position. Adjust the feet so that pushing the machine back and forth will not make it rock on its feet, which will usually solve the problem.

Uneven Load

Another common cause of banging noises from a washer is an uneven load, which is one of the simplest problems to fix because all you have to do is rearrange what is inside the tub. Loading the washer without thinking about even distribution of garments is common. But if heavy material, such as a comforter or wadded-up jeans, are stuffed into one side of the tub with little else on the other side, the spin will cause the weight of the heavier part of the load to push out against the machine and make it rock back and forth. Uneven distribution can move a washer even if it is perfectly level. Opening the lid and pulling equal amounts of material to all sides of the tub will stop the banging noise and vibration associated with it.

Shock Absorbers

A banging noise can sometimes be a more serious problem with your washer. Washers have a suspension system to help balance the machine and minimise movement of the washer. One of the components of the suspension system is the shock absorber. If the legs on these shocks break, or the dampers leak oil, it can result in an off-balance machine. Running an off-balance machine is similar to running a machine that is not level. A loud banging sound may result. A repair technician will need to replace these worn parts to fix the problem.

Shipping Rod Not Removed

Since 1995, GE washing machines have been shipped with a rod attached to the bottom. This shipping rod protects the machine's suspension from damage during transport. If you have recently bought a new washer and it is producing a banging sound when running, the suspension may not be functioning properly because the rod is still in place. Remove the shipping rod before running the machine again.

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