How much does a dipped gold rose cost?

A dipped gold rose is a real rose that has been fully dipped in -- or had parts of it trimmed with -- liquid 24-karat gold. They are keepsakes sent by lovers and friends to celebrate enduring relationships and indicate long-term commitment. As of July 2013, prices start at about £50 including postage and packaging.


As beautiful as roses are, their petals tend to fall a few days after the flower first opens. Cut roses fade even faster if they are not looked after correctly. Dipping roses in liquid gold is a way of preserving the flower, at least in terms of its shape and form. With fully dipped roses, the original colour is not retained, of course, although the rose should last for a very long time.


Roses are harvested soon after opening. They are then at the peak of their physical form. Applying liquid gold directly to the rose would not be effective. First, the rose is treated with lacquer or electroplated with cupronickel. The lacquer or cupronickel coats the petals and stem and makes them harder, creating a surface that can accept the liquid gold.


Some dipped gold roses are totally dipped in 24-karat gold. Others have the edges of petals and leaves trimmed, along with the stem and perhaps the sepals. The cost of a dipped rose is not entirely dependant on the amount of gold used. Dipping roses is quicker than creating a trimmed gold effect, where gold has to be applied to specific areas. Although more gold is used for a dipped rose, trimming a rose with gold takes more skill and time. This means the two types are often about the same price.

A selection of prices

As of July 2013, the “Natural Gold Rose” supplied by Pure 24k costs £69 plus £4.50 handling and shipping. The “Natural Rose Burgundy Lacquered with Pure Gold edge” costs the same. These roses are 29 and 28 cm long respectively (11.5 and 11 inches). Spicy Decor’s “24K Pure Gold Rose” costs £69.99 with shipping included. This is 19 cm in length (7.5 inches). InterRose’s “17 Inch 24Kt Red Trimmed Gold Rose” costs just under a hundred pounds with free delivery. This is 43 cm long (17 inches) and available in a range of colours.

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