Homemade adult gangster girl costumes

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Homemade adult gangster girl costumes
Dressing like a gangster for the day can be fun. (Hemera Technologies/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Dressing like a gangster for the day can be a whole lot of fun and the best thing is, it’s not that hard to do. You can easily adopt the cool gangster look and streetwise attitude without having to adopt the scary lifestyle of guns, violence and drugs that often comes with walking in a gangster’s shoes. With a quick scout around your wardrobe, a bit of creativity with accessories, hair and make-up, and a dash of acting, you can be rocking that gangster swagger in next to no time.

The classic gangster

There’s more than one way to look like a gangster on planet Earth, and the original gangster look takes you back to the 1920s, roaming New York’s busy streets with your fellow mobsters, getting ready to make a hit on a member of your rival gang. For the classic mobster look, you need to adorn a double breasted pinstripe suit. If you can’t find a pinstripe suit, a regular suit will do. Next, you need to keep that cool headed look with a classic white shirt and black tie to go under your suit. Finally, to put the icing on your classic gangster cake, wear a classic fedora hat tilted slightly to one side and place polished black shoes on your feet. If you want to stay feminine for the classic gangster style, you can substitute the suit trousers and shoes for a dress and heels. Now, all you have to do is look in the mirror, give yourself a gangster point and wink, and get out there and claim your town.

The modern gangster

Most of the gangsters we see today aren’t your classic suit wearing high rollers. Nope, the gangster has gone from being cool and dapper to being a street walker, roaming the pavements in their fresh trainers, baggy clothes, and flat-peaked baseball caps. So, pulling off the modern gangster look can be done easily at home. First, you need to decide what gangster crew you’re a part of. The best known gangster crews out there are the Los Angeles crews the Bloods (who wear red) and the Crips (who wear blue). Once you know who you want to be, simply find an oversized t-shirt in that colour, wear baggy jeans and let them slack a little bit, put a pair of chunky white trainers on your feet, and rock a flat peaked cap on your head, preferably one that’s in your gang colours.

The accessories

You might think you look gangster enough by this point, but you’re not quite there yet. No gangster would feel safe leaving their house without a gun. So strap on your holster, head to your local toy store, and pick up the biggest toy gun you can find. Next, you make sure you maintain that cool edge by throwing on some sunglasses and gently chewing on an unlit cigar. Now, if you chose the classic gangster look, you should consider adding a few accessories to your suit, such as placing a handkerchief or a rose in one of your suit pockets. A couple of gold cufflinks will also give you that gangster demeanour. The modern gangster needs a different set of accessories. A large silver or gold chain swinging from the neck, a few fake tattoos, and a fake mouth grill made out of tin foil will have you looking like a straight up thug.

Hair and makeup

Last but by no means least; you have to sort out that hair and makeup. The classic gangster girl is a sophisticated looking lady. Give yourself curly or wavy hair for that feminine look of confidence that simply says “don’t mess with me!” Smoky-eyed makeup and bold red lipstick is also a must. Try and use brown, bronze, or grey coloured mascara for the smoky effect. Also, keep the makeup to a minimum on the rest of the face to really bring out the cold stare in those gangster eyes. The modern gangster girl adopts a rougher complexion. Wear just a little makeup around your eyes and as your hair is going to be under hat, you don’t really have to do anything. Although if you want to show your fiery personality, consider dying your hair dark brown and adding a few red-streaks throughout. Now you should be looking like a true gangster, so get out there and show the world what swag is all about.

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