DIY dog paw socks

Just like humans and feet, dogs can suffer from sensitive paws. This can be due to their breed, exposure to the elements, allergies or injuries. In winter, snow can cause balls of ice to form and become trapped by fur in between a dog's paws causing pain. In other seasons, dog’s paws may become sensitive due to walking on rough terrain or from being pricked by thorns. Protect your dog's paws with some easy to make socks.

Child socks

Depending on the size of your dog, child or baby socks can be an easy alternative to shop bought products. Most socks will not stay up on a dog so they must be secured around the ankle. Use a Velcro strip wrapped round your dog's ankle over the top of the sock to secure in place.

Waterproof socks

If you would like to protect your dog's paws from wet or icy weather, waterproof socks are essential. You will need 4 pairs of child or baby socks and 4 plastic food bags such as freezer bags. Cover each paw with a sock. Place each socked paw inside a plastic bag then cover with the remaining socks. Secure as before with Velcro.

Make your own

You can make your own paw socks using fabric. Choose a material that will suit the terrain your dog will be walking on. Use your dog's paw measurements to cut out 8 U-shaped patterns to create the sides of the socks. Sew or fabric glue 2 of the U-shaped patterns together around the outside, leaving the flat, top side open. Turn the socks inside out. Secure with Velcro around your dog's ankles.

Tips & warnings

Using plastic will prevent moisture from coming into contact with your dog's paws. Plastic is non-breathable and could prevent oxygen from reaching the skin so should be avoided if your dog has an infection.

Your dog may try to chew the socks to remove them so distract it with treats or a toy until it gets used to wearing them.

Test your dog socks inside your home on a non-slippery surface so your dog does not slip or fall.

If your dog is recovering from an injury or operation, consult your vet before use.

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