My Hotpoint dishwasher is not working

Dishwashers are very useful machines, but sometimes they malfunction. Finding out what is causing the problem is a case of taking logical steps to isolate the matter. Whether or not you will be able to solve the problem, having located it, depends on the nature of the issue.

User Errors

In order for your Hotpoint dishwasher to work, you must make sure you press the “on” or “start” switch. Although this may seem obvious, Hotpoint Service mentions this in their “Solve It Yourself” guideline, which may indicate some users occasionally overlook this step. Further, you must make sure that the door of your Hotpoint dishwasher is closed properly. For safety reasons, the machine will not begin its cleaning cycle until its sensors relay the information that the door is shut.

Electrical Problems

Hotpoint Service suggests you verify that the electrical socket your Hotpoint dishwasher is plugged into is working properly. To do this, take out the dishwasher plug and plug in another handy electrical device, such as a kettle. If the kettle works, the socket is OK and is not causing the problem. Next, check the fuse in the dishwasher plug. To do so, remove the fuse and replace it with a new 13 amp fuse. If the dishwasher works, you have solved the problem. If not, the search for the cause of the breakdown goes on.

Machine Not Filling

According to Hotpoint Service, your Hotpoint dishwasher cannot begin a wash cycle if it cannot draw in water. If the appliance’s water tap is switched off, the machine will not be able to fill. If you have recently turned off the tap for some reason, you may have forgotten to turn it back on. Unplug the machine for safety, and check whether the tap is in the on position. If it is, check that the pipe work is not kinked or trapped somehow.


Hotpoint points out that before your dishwasher can fill, it has to drain, as some water remains in the system after every wash. In order for your dishwasher to empty, your waste hose must be installed in the right way. Make sure you have removed the blanking cap and that the filter is clean. If none of the above advice solves the problem, Hotpoint Service has useful “Solve It Yourself” pages on its website and failing this, you can contact them for assistance on 08448 224 224 or contact another dishwasher repair agent.

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