Pentecostal Crafts

Updated March 23, 2017

The 50th day after Easter is celebrated as the Pentecost. It is a reminder of the gift God gave of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third part of the Trinity of God and Jesus and is something that is not seen, but rather felt. Pentecostal crafts are created in Sunday school classes for all age groups.

Stained Glass Window

Templates for this craft can be found several websites. The templates include a dove and a flame, traditional Pentecostal imagery. The Holy Spirit is often represented by a flame. For this craft, you will need a printer, coloured construction paper, scissors and glue. The students each choose a template to use. The stained glass window background is created by cutting an archway shape out of blue construction paper. Random colours of construction paper are then used to cut out rectangular shapes. The students then glue the pieces over the window. The piece is then glued to the template and a stained glass window is created.

Pinwheel Crafts

A pinwheel is an easy craft created to represent the winds blowing on Pentecost. It also represents that, just as we cannot see the wind, we also cannot see the Holy Spirit. Several websites offer free, printable pinwheel patterns. They are then decorated and a hole is punched in the centre. Four holes are also punched on the points where they meet in the centre. A straw is used for the stick and contains a hole punched in the end. To connect, use a paper fastening brad and weave it through all the holes.

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