Liquid Latex Crafts

Written by leah newman | 13/05/2017
Liquid Latex Crafts
Some types of liquid latex are safe for applying to skin to create masks or face moulds. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Liquid latex is an easy-to-use rubber which is employed to make craft projects. Liquid latex can be poured into a mould or brushed onto a surface. Once dry, the latex can be peeled off to create craft projects. Projects made from liquid latex are both flexible and can be very durable, depending on their thickness.


Liquid latex can be purchased at any art supply store. The only other supply necessary to make liquid latex crafts is an old paint brush used to apply the latex. It can be brushed onto many surfaces, including metal, clay, ceramics, plaster and wood. The latex will not stick to these surfaces, and can be peeled off to create a duplicate of the surface. Masks can be made by applying baby oil or moisturiser to the face, then brushing on a layer of nontoxic liquid latex.


Liquid latex can also be used to create moulds, which can be used to form other craft projects. Latex can be brushed or poured onto a surface to create a mould for candles, soaps, plaster, metals or resin. The latex moulds are reusable, and their flexibility makes removing the project from the mould easy.

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