Quick and Easy Scrap Fabric Crafts

Rather than throwing out piles or rolls of scrap fabric, use it to create dozens of quick, easy-to-make crafts. Collect scrap fabric to cover unsightly items around the house such as pencil holders or old glass containers, or use scrap fabric for decorative purposes, such as making plush animals for children.

Practical Crafts

Practical yet simple craft projects with scrap fabric include scrap fabric pencil holders. Use craft glue to attach assorted pieces of colourful scrap fabric to a clean aluminium can. Scrap fabric can also be used to cover old metal and glass containers that you might otherwise throw out. Use scrap fabric as a cover for pincushions or to create fabric coasters. Additional ideas for practical scrap fabric crafts include holders for iPods and cell phones, wallet and checkbook covers, and tissue holders. Use them to cover thumbtacks or as a dish soap apron. Lavender or flax seed eye pillows are also an option.

Decorative Crafts

Decorative crafts with scrap fabric include wall art. Use a die cutter to shape pieces of craft fabric into animals or other designs or pattern to glue onto a picture frame of your choice. Use scrap fabric to create patchwork greeting cards with card stock. Fashion doll clothes and accessories or make small plush toys. If you have a large amount of scrap fabric, try making a "rag rug." Scrap fabric makes great book covers and gift pouches for small items. Toaster and tea cosies and fabric envelopes are also options.

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