How to Put Pokemon Saves From a DS to a Computer

Updated February 21, 2017

The Nintendo Dual Screen (DS) plays commercial games and games saved on a microSD card. A microSD often contains a Game Boy Advance (GBA) or Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator, allowing you to play GBA or SNES versions of "Pokemon." When you transfer your "Pokemon" save from your microSD card to your computer, you create a backup file. Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to backup the save files from a commercial version of "Pokemon."

Press the Nintendo DS's "Start" menu and tap the down arrow until it highlights "Save." Press "A." Highlight "Yes" and press "A" again.

Push the DS's power slider upwards to turn it off.

Place your finger on the edge of your microSD card adaptor. Press the card inward to release it from the DS. Pull the microSD card adaptor out of the DS.

Remove the microSD card from the adaptor. Typically, the microSD card rests in the right or left corner of the adaptor.

Slide the microSD card into the micro slot of a USB card reader.

Connect the USB card of your card reader to the USB port of your computer. Wait for the icon of the microSD card to appear on your computer. Double-click on it.

Double-click on the "Pokemon" folder. Locate the file with the extension ".sav" or ".duc."

Right-click on the file and scroll to "Copy." Right-click on empty space within your desktop and scroll to "Paste."

Things You'll Need

  • USB card reader
  • MicroSD card
  • MicroSD adaptor
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