How to Install a Free McBoot with Swap Magic

Updated February 21, 2017

The McBoot software is designed for the PlayStation 2 gaming console. This program allows people to play backed up games without using the Swap Magic disk. Swap Magic lets you play imported games that are not formatted for North American region codes. These region codes differ from continent to continent. If you would like to install the McBoot software to your PS2, you can do it with little hassle and minimal knowledge of your PlayStation system.

Download the McBoot software. There is a link listed in the Resources section below. Ater you download and unpack the files, you should have three folders on your computer: FREE_MCBOOT, ESR, and uLe.

Connect a USB flash drive to your computer and right-click on the empty space on the drive and click the "New Folder" option. Create a folder named "SWAPMAGIC."

Copy the "FREE_MCBOOT.ELF" and "INSTALL" folders from your "McBoot" folder to the "SWAPMAGIC" folder.

Rename the "FREE_MCBOOT.ELF" file to "SWAPMAGIC.ELF." Go to the ESR folder and click on the "ESR beta r9b dvdv direct.elf" file. Copy the file and paste it into the "INSTALL" folder.

Go to the "uLev4.39z beta" folder and copy the BOOT.ELF" file to the "INSTALL" folder. Eject the USB drive from your computer and insert it into the USB port on your PS2. Insert a memory card into the PS2 memory card slot.

Boot the PS2. You should see the "McBoot" splash screen. Press the "X" button to install the software from the USB drive to your memory card. Turn off your PS2 when the software has installed.

Insert your imported game to play it without the Swap Magic disk.

Things You'll Need

  • USB flash drive
  • Memory card
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