How to Remove Solvent-Based Industrial Marking Paint From Clothes

Solvent-based paints account for approximately 20 per cent of all paints sold today, according to Paint Quality Institute. These paints, also known as alkyd or oil-based paint, are manufactured with more organic solvents that any other type, including water based. The higher levels of solvents give the paint a more pungent odour that will also transfer to clothing. You can remove solvent-based paint from clothing with the correct chemicals.

Soak a cotton ball with paint thinner designed for use with solved-based paints.

Lay the piece of clothing onto a pile of newspaper. The newspaper will soak up any paint-thinner that leaks through the clothing.

Blot at the stain with the cotton ball. The paint thinner will begin to remove the solvent-based industrial marking paint from the piece.

Rinse the paint thinner from the clothing with plain water.

Pour 1 tbsp heavy duty liquid washing powder onto the affected area. Work the laundry soap into the stain with your fingers. The laundry soap will not only remove any remaining paint residue it will also help eliminate some of paint thinner odour.

Launder the clothing according to the label's directions.

Inspect the item after removing it from the washer. If the paint is removed, dry the item. If the stain persists, repeat cleaning the piece with paint thinner.

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton ball
  • Paint thinner
  • Newspaper
  • Heavy duty laundry soap
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