How to Make Albums on Tumblr

Written by jason artman | 13/05/2017

Tumblr has the ability to automatically convert a photo post with multiple photos attached into an interactive photo album using Adobe Flash. If you have a collection of images from a trip or event you would like to post on your Tumblr blog, creating a photo album allows you to give your readers a way to look through the collection without the need to create many individual posts. Attach more than one picture to a photo post to create an album.

Navigate your browser to Enter your e-mail address and password to continue to the "Dashboard" page.

Click "Photo" at the top of the page.

Click the "Choose File" button. Find the first photo you want to add to the album and double-click it.

Click "Add Another Photo." Locate and double-click the next photo you want to add. Continue until you have added each photo you want to be included in the album.

Type a description of the photo album in the "Caption" field. This step is not required, but will help your visitors understand what they are viewing.

Click the "Create Post" button to publish the post. Tumblr automatically turns the post into a photo album.

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