How to: Bamboo Lashing

Updated February 21, 2017

Lashing bamboo is an ancient art of joining intersecting poles together to create various functional and decorative structures, including trellises and fences. Instead of joining the poles with tiny nails, sturdy rope or cord is looped around the intersection in a particular fashion to create a stable structure that lasts many years. Although time consuming, lashing is a simple and straightforward procedure. All you need for the inexpensive project is plenty of quality lashing cord and a steady hand.

Prepare the ends of the bamboo poles you want to lash together. Gluing the ends before lashing the poles simplifies the task and makes it easier. Position the ends of the poles in your desired construction structure, ensuring they lay flat and even over one another. Ensure the ends of the poles extend the joint by 1 or 2 inches.

Fold the length of cord in half and press to clearly mark its centre. Place the middle of the cord on the bottom cane and cross it underneath. Pull the cord taut before extending the ends of the cord back up on the other side, over the top bamboo. The resultant lashing resembles a square when viewed from above.

Extend the cords to the bottom bamboo diagonally to create an X-shape. Extend the cord back to the top and extend diagonally to create an X there as well. The structure now has two X-shaped cords -- one across the bottom and the other over the top.

Extend the ends of the cord back under the top pole and cross. Take the cord under the top cane again and cross.

Extend the cord under the lower pole and tie a double knot. Pull the cord taut before forming one knot, ensuring it rests evenly under the pole. Loop the cord ends over one another to form the second knot. A double knot strengthens the intersection and prevents the bamboo poles from coming loose, thus sabotaging the security of the bamboo structure. Trim excess cord length with sharp scissors, leaving 1 inch cord length underneath the knot.


You need 4 to 5 feet of black, waxed lashing cord for one lashing. If you are using rope to lash bamboo together, position a lighter next to the tiny fibres or threads so the flame burns them off, giving the rope a neat appearance. Be careful so you do not burn the bamboo poles.

Things You'll Need

  • Bamboo poles
  • Glue (optional)
  • Black lashing cord
  • Sharp scissors
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