How to Remove the Recent File List in Corel Photo-Paint

With Corel Photo-Paint, you can touch up family photos, work on large prints and combine layered images. If you're using Corel Photo-Paint to work on a personal project or make a surprise photo file for a friend, you may want to clear off the "Recent File" list. This list usually contains the titles and locations of the most recently used Corel Photo-Paint images, but you can remove it in a minute or two.

Open Corel Photo-Paint. Click the "File" menu in the upper left corner.

Roll your cursor over "Preferences" to expand the menu options.

Click on "General Program Preferences."

Click on the box labelled "Recently Used Files."

Type "0" on your keyboard. With this setting in place, the "Recent File" option is completely removed from the Corel Photo-Paint menu options.

Click "OK" to confirm the changes.

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