How to Do a Head Spin on "Toribash"

Updated July 20, 2017

In the freeware fighting game "Toribash" for the PC and Nintendo Wii, skilled players are able to taunt their foes by performing various break-dancing moves. Learning how to spin on your head is a good starting point for break dancing. Because there is no specific command for head spinning, it requires a great deal of balance and practice to perform. You will want to try this move a number of times and experiment with it. Not only do you have to get your character to stand on its head but you have to get the character to spin in circles without falling. There is no single way to do it, and you will likely fall on your back a number of times before proving successful.

Situate your character on his head. Depending on what the gravity is, there are two main techniques to do this. One is to contract your knees and slowly extend your ankles until you are squarely upside down. The other is to jump under low gravity so that your character lands on his head. Both of these techniques require timing and practice.

Rotate your chest and pecs. By having your character flex at regular intervals, you build spinning momentum.

Use your arms to keep yourself balanced. As you are flexing, your character will start teetering and may fall. Extending your arms at various intervals will aide in keeping your character balanced. For example, if you find yourself falling to the left side, try extending both of your arms to the right. The game has a fairly advanced gravity system, and so balance will respond to the distribution of your character's weight.

Try again. Eventually you'll master the head spin. At this point, you can start integrating it into a more complex dance move. Try jumping, landing on your head, spinning and then using your arms to launch yourself back into the air.


Share your dance replays in the Toribash forums with other players for advice, tips and tricks.

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