How to Get Groudon on "Pokemon Sapphire" Without Trading

Updated April 17, 2017

"Pokemon Sapphire" and "Pokemon Ruby" are two games for the Game Boy Advance. At the end of "Pokemon Sapphire," you get the chance to catch Kyogre, which is the mascot Pokemon for this game. The mascot Pokemon for "Pokemon Ruby" is Groudon. The only legitimate way you can get Groudon in "Pokemon Sapphire" is by trading. If you don't have the GBA Link Cable, you won't be able to trade for Groudon. Without the GBA Link Cable, you will need to use Action Replay to get Groudon.

Plug the Action Replay Max GBA cartridge into the GBA game cartridge slot. Once it clicks into place, insert "Pokemon Sapphire" into the game accessory with the label facing you. Power on your GBA.

Wait until you see the main menu of Action Replay Max GBA. The video game accessory will take a few seconds to recognise your cartridge. Press "Select Codes" to go to the list of cheats for "Pokemon Sapphire." On this screen, select the first option on the right to add a new cheat to the list.

Use the D-pad and the "A" button to highlight and select the characters that will make up your cheat's name. Enter a name that clearly defines the purpose of this cheat. For example, you can make "Groudon Cheat" the name. Choose "Next" to enter the code for the cheat.

Select the letters and numbers on the screen keyboard to enter the following code: db989a03 9b09c463 8334c989 9969f66a 774d28b8 2075bffa 3248c73d 0a9b84c5 c7d5f850 30f72236 222d8f4d 1f7916d9 eb246d20 5dbe6174 e3a6d160 aeb5bc3b 89e21865 e6a8aab3 a7f5f1af 61173f65 6d68b3fa 7c9c8486 f1fdd942 f5ff9246 c39c1da5

5d588298 a9cecc0a d3f880fd 47595ee0 b3cc8bf4 40daf09e a23a5c6e 68f90cdc 24da408a 31928822 3937648e 8dbd39b5 bbce0ae5 570cb49f dc8e2694.

Confirm the code and press "A" to activate the cheat. Select "Home" and press the "Start" button. "Pokemon Sapphire" will begin with the Groudon Cheat enabled. Look for a wild Pokemon in the long grass of any route. The first Pokemon you see will be Groudon. Catch the Legendary Pokemon with a Master Ball.

Things You'll Need

  • Action Replay Max GBA
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