How to Make Titanium Dioxide Paste

Titanium dioxide adds white, opaque colour to your lotion, soap and other home-crafting projects. This natural mineral comes in a fine, powdered form, so sometimes it's a bit difficult to disperse it throughout your liquid or emulsified creations. Knowing how to make titanium dioxide paste gives you the ability to easily mix the pigment with your creations for a smooth and well-blended hue.

Add 118ml. of your liquid ingredient to the 227gr. mixing bowl. This can be either distilled water, a carrier oil, rubbing alcohol, or homemade lotion.

Sprinkle the titanium dioxide widely over the entire surface of the contents of the bowl. Pouring it all in a heap into the bowl may make it harder to mix because it can clump.

Use the disposable stirring wand to briskly mix the contents of the bowl. Stir fast for about a minute. During this time, some bubbles will form, but that is OK. This is simply the tianium dioxide dissolving into the solution. After a minute of stirring, you will end up with a bright-white titanium dioxide paste that mixes easily into your creations.

Things You'll Need

  • 118ml. homemade lotion, water or oil
  • 8 tbsp titanium dioxide powder
  • 227gr. mixing bowl
  • Disposable stirring wand
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